New Superior Spider-man Costume

MARVEL has revealed a new spiderman suit for the Parker-less Superior Spider-Man, which is sort of like Ben Reilly Spiderman costume. I really like a darker Spider-Man. On a tangential note about new Spiderman, I’m still not 100% in love with a Spider-Man not even in Peter’s body in the Ultimate Universe.

The SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN and SCARLET SPIDER reunite in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP #2 and SCARLET SPIDER #20. I am happy to know that finally a merge with Spider-man and Scarlet Spider. Ever since I learned the rebirth of Kaine in the Spider-Island arc, I am glad they are remaking him. I have been following Scarlet Spider since it first came out and I’m I like where it is going, and a merging is needed to see where Otto and Kaine will stand. I really can’t wait.


Spider-Man Suits I’d like to See on the Big Screen

Our Friendly Neighborhood Spidey has been zipping around Manhattan for decades with his traditional and not-so-traditional costumes. We’ve already seen the red and blue spider-man suit and the Venom-style black spiderman suit on the screen, but what about other more costumes?

Here I listed 5 awesome Spider-Man Outfits I’d like to see brought to life on the big screen someday.

1. Miles Morales New Ultimate Spider-Man Suit

When Miles Morales took over as Spider-Man, the writers soon decided to give the suit an awesome black and red redesign. There were rumors Webb would take some major cues from this suit in his sequel, but he only stole those big eye holes.

2. Miles Morales Spider-Man Unlimited Suit

This suit is a combination of several other designs, mixing the red and blue with the bigger spider logo. It’s a good mix, and would definitely translate to the big screen.

3. Scarlet Spider-Man Suit

When Peter Parker still had dibs on the Spider-Man identity but Ben Reilly wanted to do some webswinging of his own, the Scarlet Spider was born. The Scarlet Spiderman costume was designed by Tom Lyle. With some new colors and a Scarlet Spider hoodie over the classic superhero spandex suit, Ben took his design to the streets. His spider symbol goes on the front & the back, not straight up & down like Spider-Man’s symbol, but rather angled to the left as it’s worn. Short-lived though it may have been, the Scarlet Spider duds still stand as a bold take on the iconic Scarlet Spider costume.

4. Future Foundation Spider-Man Suit

Spidey teamed up with the Fantastic Four for a while on their Future Foundation, to help solve the world’s problems. In addition to an awesome mandate, the group also had some pretty stylish white suits.

5. Spider Armor

The Spider Armor is the Spider-Man equivalent of empty calories. It’s totally a guilty pleasure and yes, we know it makes no sense for a character centered on speed and agility to be weighed down by a bulky metal costume…but c’mon—it’s so shiny! The Armor didn’t stick around longer than one specifically targeted adventure, so we can forgive its impracticality and merely bask in its wonderful excess.

Jessica Drew Spider Woman Costumes

Jessica Drew is the most famous woman to take on the role of Spider-Woman. She’s not only the first Spider-Woman in comic books but also the one had her own animated television series that lasted from 1979 to 1980.

The most well-known Spider-Woman costume is the red and yellow costume. This tight full body suit is brightly colored for the comic book world but bares a lot of similarities to the black widow spider. Rather than having the main color be black, the dominate color is red. The red hourglass associated with black widows is then colored in yellow on her costume. Spider-Woman’s womanly curves are accentuated by having this hourglass shape placed in the center of her costume.

The original Jessica Drew spider-woman costume looks very similar to her present costume. The only major variation lies in the mask design. This would be one of the few times a woman taking on the role of Spider-Woman would cover her long hair. Most preferred the windblown look.

Spiderman Black Suits VS Venom Suit

spidey vs venom

The black Spiderman costume has a large white spider on the chest and back and white organic web-shooters on the backs of the hands.

Black Spiderman Costume
A variation on the black costume is featured in the film Spider-Man 3. The black Spiderman movie costume includes the webbing pattern from Spider-Man’s red and blue costume with a black coloring and a slightly altered spider symbol, both on his chest and Spiderman 3 movie costume

The same costume is also worn by Venom, with the added details of Venom’s signature teeth, a more muscular appearance and a spider on his chest that closer resembles the comic book version’s spider emblem.

venom fanart

The Origin of the Black Spiderman Suit

Black Spiderman Costume

The Symbiote Costume, also known as the Black Spider-man Suit, is one of the most significant alterations to Spider-Man’s costume. It first appears in The Amazing Spider-Man #252 and Marvel Team-up #141, released concurrently in May 1984. The black costume stemmed from an idea submitted by a then 22-year-old fan named Randy Schueller in 1982, after Marvel had asked its readers for ideas for new Spider-Man stories. “I was thinking, ‘This is a guy who is swinging around at night wearing a bright red-and-blue costume.’ That’s where the black suit came from.” Schueller’s idea was purchased by Jim Shooter for the sum of $220. Shooter also asked Schueller’s help in possibly writing a script for Spider-Man’s new look.

Here’s the copy of the letter Randy received from Shooter almost 25 years ago, in August of 1982.

the letter Randy received from Shooter in 1982

The Amazing Bag-man Suit

Spidey's Amazing Bag-Man Suit

The Bag man Spiderman suit first appeared on Amazing SPIDER-MAN #258.

Spidey heads around to the Fantastic Four building, so that Reed Richards can have a look at his new black costume, which has been acting a bit strangely. When it turns out to be an alien symbiote, they remove it post-haste, leaving Peter with nothing to protect his secret identity. The Human Torch Johnny Storm kindly lent Spidey an old Fantastic Four costume, with a brown paper bag for a mask and a “Kick Me” sign on the back.

amazing bag-man spiderman

Peter Parker has a lot of Spiderman costumes, and this is one of the funniest and memorable costumes that Spider-man wore.