Jessica Drew Spider Woman Costumes

Jessica Drew is the most famous woman to take on the role of Spider-Woman. She’s not only the first Spider-Woman in comic books but also the one had her own animated television series that lasted from 1979 to 1980.

The most well-known Spider-Woman costume is the red and yellow costume. This tight full body suit is brightly colored for the comic book world but bares a lot of similarities to the black widow spider. Rather than having the main color be black, the dominate color is red. The red hourglass associated with black widows is then colored in yellow on her costume. Spider-Woman’s womanly curves are accentuated by having this hourglass shape placed in the center of her costume.

The original Jessica Drew spider-woman costume looks very similar to her present costume. The only major variation lies in the mask design. This would be one of the few times a woman taking on the role of Spider-Woman would cover her long hair. Most preferred the windblown look.


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