New Superior Spider-man Costume

MARVEL has revealed a new spiderman suit for the Parker-less Superior Spider-Man, which is sort of like Ben Reilly Spiderman costume. I really like a darker Spider-Man. On a tangential note about new Spiderman, I’m still not 100% in love with a Spider-Man not even in Peter’s body in the Ultimate Universe.

The SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN and SCARLET SPIDER reunite in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP #2 and SCARLET SPIDER #20. I am happy to know that finally a merge with Spider-man and Scarlet Spider. Ever since I learned the rebirth of Kaine in the Spider-Island arc, I am glad they are remaking him. I have been following Scarlet Spider since it first came out and I’m I like where it is going, and a merging is needed to see where Otto and Kaine will stand. I really can’t wait.


Spiderman Black Suits VS Venom Suit

spidey vs venom

The black Spiderman costume has a large white spider on the chest and back and white organic web-shooters on the backs of the hands.

Black Spiderman Costume
A variation on the black costume is featured in the film Spider-Man 3. The black Spiderman movie costume includes the webbing pattern from Spider-Man’s red and blue costume with a black coloring and a slightly altered spider symbol, both on his chest and Spiderman 3 movie costume

The same costume is also worn by Venom, with the added details of Venom’s signature teeth, a more muscular appearance and a spider on his chest that closer resembles the comic book version’s spider emblem.

venom fanart

The Origin of the Black Spiderman Suit

Black Spiderman Costume

The Symbiote Costume, also known as the Black Spider-man Suit, is one of the most significant alterations to Spider-Man’s costume. It first appears in The Amazing Spider-Man #252 and Marvel Team-up #141, released concurrently in May 1984. The black costume stemmed from an idea submitted by a then 22-year-old fan named Randy Schueller in 1982, after Marvel had asked its readers for ideas for new Spider-Man stories. “I was thinking, ‘This is a guy who is swinging around at night wearing a bright red-and-blue costume.’ That’s where the black suit came from.” Schueller’s idea was purchased by Jim Shooter for the sum of $220. Shooter also asked Schueller’s help in possibly writing a script for Spider-Man’s new look.

Here’s the copy of the letter Randy received from Shooter almost 25 years ago, in August of 1982.

the letter Randy received from Shooter in 1982